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Why do I get the "Disassembly cannot be displayed" error in the Disassembly window
You have probably been doing some mixed mode debugging and the Disassmebly Window has set the Debug Context from JIT to Unmanaged. So set it back to JIT, use the "Debug Location" toolbar to select a managed stack frame or thread, or double click on a stack frame in the built in call stack window.

The Disassembly Window is not exposed very well and the address box does not work for managed mode code. If indeed, anyone knows a way of interfacing with it and switching modes via code, please contact us at
How do I locate the object owned by a Thread
There is work underway to show the location in code where the object was created. Showing where it was acquired on is not feasible. The best way, and good coding practice (because you should never wait on 'this') is to go one step beyond

private readonly Object r_lockA = new Object();

to creating a Sync Type to help in these tricky situations, where necessary, so

private class LockA {};
private readonly LockA r_lockA = new LockA();

This way you will see straight away what the lock type is and this will aide you in locating where in the code you need to look.

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